First try at whole spelt sourdough

Dough was super wet so proofed and baked in parchment. To me looks and tastes great.


I have been eating on this spelt loaf all day. I must say for only my 4th ever loaf of bread made I am very happy with this. I just started baking after getting sourdough starter from Breadtopia about a month ago. I have to work on my hydration levels of the dough. All of my attempts have been almost unmanageable due to the wetness of the dough.

The whole loaf is Breadtopia no knead sourdough recipe as written.
The cut loaf is Breadtopia whole wheat recipe as written.
Not to pretty but both tasted great.

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Those look fantastic too me. Congratulations.

Made the whole Spelt sourdough again today, turned out very tasty.

Looks fantastic - I love the color.