First Sourdough (NK) and first w/ homemade starter

(susanmcc99) #1

My first attempt at a sourdough, and first effort using my baby starter. I mostly followed Eric’s no-knead sourdough recipe and tutorial, using part whole wheat and part bread flour. Because my starter is only a few weeks old and I wanted a definite sour flavor, I used 1/8 cup starter and a 48 hour refrigerator ferment. Gave it another 16 hours overnight at (somewhat chilly) room temperature. I did do one round of stretch and fold after the cold ferment, adding a tiny bit of extra water while folding since the dough felt a bit too stiff (I wanted big holes). Used a floured (maybe over-floured!) banneton for the final proof. The results are fantastic! Delicious, and actually sour! Thanks Eric for your great recipes and tutorials! Also, look at those holes. :):grinning:


(charlesvk) #2

That looks really great! Congrats! :slight_smile:

(Leah) #3

WOW! That’s your first attempt??? I am SO impressed! That looks fantastic and I’m sure it tastes as awesome as it looks.


(Geoffrey) #4

That is a beautiful looking loaf! In my experience, how long since last feeding the starter makes very big difference in sourness and flavor complexity. As the time lengthens, the pH goes more acidic and the overall makeup of which organisms predominate changes. That means if fed recently, not so great, if it’s eaten most of it’s “food” and getting hungry, then excellent. I keep mine fairly low hydration, in the fridge and feed usually 2X/week. So if fed yesterday quite different from fed 3 or 4 days ago. A way to override this is I take out a small amount, feed it, and let sit on counter for 12 hours or so (at about 100% hydration). At that point it is quite mature and hungry so ready to use in bread. That’s my m.o. anyway…

(twodown02) #5

Can you explain “I used 1/8 cup starter and a 48 hour refrigerator ferment”? 48 hour refrigerator ferment of your sourdough starter?

(susanmcc99) #6

Not the starter, the mixed dough including starter. Under Eric’s instructions he quotes someone who
used this method to produce a more sour loaf. Basically: use half the amount of starter called for when mixing up the dough, then stick the mixed dough in the refrigerator for two days to ferment (covered wi5 plastic). Then take it out and let it bulk ferment at room temp for 14 to 18 hours, depending on room temp conditions. Then shape it and put in banneton for final proof, and then, finally, bake.

(Fiddlerkelly) #7

Looks good , if I may suggest to get rid of the bun being covered in flour after as I use to have the same problem use rice flour it will not cling to the doe but fall/brush off easily.

(susanmcc99) #8

Fiddler Kelly – Thanks! I discovered this after switching to rice flour…I use a mix of rice and AP flour now, so that I get a little flour coverage, as I like how it looks.

(kingfisher500) #9

That is a fine looking loaf. I will try the extended retarded ferment, that you describe, in a future bread. I like my sourdough sour.