Favorite Grain

(Gregg Hall) #1

I am new to milling my own flour. I bought Einkorn, Hard Red Spring and Kamut to try them out, each has subtle differences.

What I am looking for is one with good flavor that will produce a bread with a good crumb. I know about needing to deal with the rough parts.

So what is your favorite grain to use?

(Stuart) #2

Everything is so subjective that trying different grains is the only way to find out what you prefer. What you have is a good start. Remember that technique can alter both things you are trying to achieve. To answer your question, my go to grain is Hard White Spring. Good luck and good eating with your search for a favorite.

(Geoffrey) #3

I go back and forth between 100% einkorn and 100% kamut that I grind my self, somewhat coarse, in a Blendtec blender. Both are hard to work with at least for me. The einkorn make a sticky dough that is neither extensible nor elastic. The kamut is verrrrrrrrrrrrry extensible but not much in the way of elasticity. My solution has been to just wad it up and put in baking pan lined with parchment paper for a single long ferment/rise and bake. I find neither one rises in the room but then gives pretty good oven spring as they do get full of tiny bubbles. Great flavor, tight crumb, pretty dense, but very satisfying and delicious to eat.