Fails/ “learning loaves”

Post a picture of your failed loaves here. I need a laugh and to feel less alone because I just pulled this very sad burnt ball of dough out of the oven. Chalking it up to lessons learned and experience.



Here’s a couple:

(note the amazing oven spring and bloom on that one)

supposed to be challah:

there are countless more that i don’t have photos of. Chalking it up to lessons learned and experience is exactly right. Every fail is a lesson if you pay attention. Fail your way to success.


Here’s my challah fail. It was an epic disaster.



Just wanted to say I cut the loaf anyway just to see what was inside and it’s actually really beautiful and tasty! So…there’s hope for me yet, haha.



I was wondering if your bread would turn out good :slight_smile: I’ve had some footballs where oven temp and moisture issues happened, but the inside/fermentation was good.

Here’s an all einkorn bread that I messed up a while back. I decided to turn it into rock climbing art since I’m a climber.


I wish I had some pictures of all the failures. The worse I MEAN the worse was a Christmas Stollen out of Reinhard’s Apprentice Book. I WISH I had a picture but was way to embarrassed to do so (he forgot to add a major ingredient the last amount of flour in the final dough.)
I was way to new at this to know there was a problem when mixing so I just made it. It took two of us to get it to the pan it was sooooooooo… wet.

BTW in his last book he found his editing error. grrrrrrrrrr.

Anyways I’ll post a frisbee!

As usual it tasted good!


Loving the artistic adaptation!

I’ve had a few frisbee loaves myself!

I don’t have any photos unfortunately, but this summer I was experimenting with getting more whole grain in my bread and couldn’t figure out how to get it right (have since realized I was using the wrong flour for the recipes I was attempting). We’ve been calling that period of a few months “the flat bread era” in my house. They all tasted amazing but not very pretty…

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