Eric's Easy Bake Series - Episode 3

You are welcome!

I did an experiment with traditional whole grain sourdough recipe two weeks ago. Two tries with the only difference being the “white flour”. The difference between one flour and the 2nd was approx. 80 grams. At any rate, probably not news to you, but the variance on any given day with different flour can be huge.

It sounds like you found what works for you which is the thing that matters.

Last week, I made Einkorn enriched sandwich bread from @Fermentada recipe on this site. If you want to try a very whole grain sandwich loaf and can find or buy Breadtopia’s Einkorn … it is my new favorite sandwich bread.

Got to try that! Recently got einkorn spaghetti noodles from Healthy Traditions, and it makes the best spaghetti you ever ate. I’ve not used einkorn flour, but now you’ve got me anxious to try it. Thanks!

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Oooh … Einkorn pasta … I found a recipe :slight_smile: I’m only a recent homemade pasta maker, but enjoying that process which is pretty simple. Thanks for the inspiration!