Emmer loaf

My second try at this and it turned out great!

I used the basic recipe found here; https://breadtopia.com/whole-emmer-sourdough-bread/

Variation: I used a rye starter. I followed the ingredients by weight. The dough was way too wet to do any stretch and fold, so I ended up adding in more flour, a half cup or maybe more. 6 hour first rise, 12 hour fridge rise. Improvised proofing basket with a plastic colander lined with a largish floured canvas cloth. Bake in a 5qt dutch oven.

It tastes fantastic, the sourness really comes through, even to the point of having a prolonged aftertaste.

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That looks and sounds lovely! Good job on the improvised proofing basket and on modifying the recipe once you felt the dough was too wet.

Some flours absorb more or less liquid than others, even if they’re the same wheat variety. I was fascinated to learn that the same farm can produce wheat with a different protein content from one harvest to the next!

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That’s interesting about the variation of wheat from year to year.