Einkorn, Red Fife Sourdough

We are all seeing how flour is harder to come by lately with the pandemic and everyone baking. So, when I went to one of my go to places for organic flours here in Toronto I picked up more than I usually do including some Einkorn which I’ve never tasted or baked with on a whim. I then found an instagram post of Kirsten’s Full Proof Baking that had some einkorn in it and decided to give it a go.

100% hydration levain - 1:1:1 6 hours @ 78ºF

Levain need 97 g 100% hydration

40 g starter

40 g water

40 g whole wheat flour

Autolyze 3 hours

Total water in dough before adding levain 405 g (85% hydration) - Use 324 g for autolyze

Holding back 20% of water

Whole Einkorn flour 53 g 10%

Whole White Spring Wheat 53 g 10%

Strong White Flour 378 g 71%

Diastatic Malt 2.66 g 0.5%

Then add Levain 97 g

30 mins later added 10.5 g salt 2% using 41 g water for mixing

Can add more if needed

6.5 hours Bulk Fermentation at 72-73ºF with 1 light fold, 1 lamination and 3 coil folds separated by 45-60 mins each.

Final hydration 82% including water added during bulk fermentation.

Final shaping then straight to fridge 38ºF

Cold retardation 12 hours

Bake straight from fridge.

I didn’t get the oven spring I wanted, the dough may have been a bit over proofed and/or the hydration a bit too high for my skill set. I did have a bit of an issue getting good tension while shaping. Maybe I should have considered doing a pre-shaping to see if that might have helped with the tension.

I also probably didn’t bake it long enough given how pale the sides of this are. I usually bake 800 gm loaves and I only baked it a few minutes longer. It did reach an internal temperature of 210ºF but the crust is too pale in places.

I ended up putting it back in the oven for 15 minutes at 350ºF to get more colour on the crust. I am pleased with the crumb and the bake overall considering this is my first try at this recipe and the first time using einkorn.


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