Einkorn Pastries

I have made successful bread with Einkorn after I learned how to use it properly but my wife and I use it now mostly for deserts. She has made various rustic pies all with a great pie crust. I have made Galettes, and danish all with what I consider a flavorful moist, crumb. Last night Diane made a cake that was out of sight and was it good.

Melissa if you see this I was going to place this post in the Ancient Wheat Folder you created but cannot find… really need another category in the forum

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That is beautiful! I hope your wife inspires more people start baking sweets, treats and desserts with these interesting whole grain flours, not only bread. There is so much to gain in flavor and nutrition.

Here’s the thread:

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I figured I’d add a recent creation to this thread of Einkorn Pastries. Here is a fresh-milled whole grain einkorn apple cake I just made. Actually the second time I used einkorn for this cake, and I decided to reduce the sugar this time because the last one was too sweet. This wheat doesn’t add any bitterness – maybe the opposite. The cake is delicious, a recipe from Smitten Kitchen “Mom’s Apple Cake,” but as noted: whole grain einkorn flour and less sugar (-60g specifically).