Dough sticks to proofing basket--is parchment paper an option?

(sshennessy) #1

I’ve just started using a proofing basket, but the dough sticks like crazy, even though I flour the basket. Has anyone tried lining the basket with parchment paper?

(Lawrence) #2

I’ve been using parchment paper with my Breadtopia clay baker; the paper works fine and doesn’t stick to the finished bread. I’ve tried it lightly oiled with olive oil, and last loaf I just put some corn meal in the bottom to prevent sticking. No problem. Btw, I don’t try to dump the dough out of the parchment paper into the pre-heated clay baker; I lift the dough using the parchment and place both the dough and the parchment paper into the baker.

(Sharron) #3

I line my proofing container with parchment paper (GladBake here in Aust) and then lift the whole thing into my baking container when heated…

(lilypieces3) #4

I would suggest to use wax paper while molding in their dough form
it somehow lessen the splanking and sticking of dough to the board.
Increasing flour while massaging it may help as well.

(Jerry) #5

I have had the same problem. Now what I do is spray the banetton with an oil spray (lightly), and flour the heck out of it with both rice flour and regular flour. Then let the dough proof in the refrigerator. When it’s time to bake, I cut parchment paper to the size of the cloche and slam the cold dough onto the paper rounds, then using a small metal peel I slide the loaf onto the cloche bottom paper and all, put on the lid and into the oven they go.

Sometimes they still stick some but a little patience and some judicious prying of the banetton usually works.

(dustan) #6

If it one of the “cane” baskets not the “wood fibre” ones I find I have to run a lot of rice flour in the basket and try to fill the cracks up the sides of the basket - a wet dough still sticks a little but not as much and you can dust the rice flour off before you bake the loaf

(Harleyellen05) #7

If I have a high hydration dough, I use the cotton proofing basket liners and dust w rice flour. If the dough is not so wet, then just dusting the basket w rice flour works fine and gives that nice design on the loaf. I find quite a variation in rice flours - the finer grind the better.