Dormant Sourdough

I have ordered, for the first time, dormant and live sourdough from breadtopia both for myself and someone else. Please help me with this question. I am correct that the live one has to be started immediately upon receipt, but the dry one can be stored for later? If so, for how long can you store the dry one? Also, should the dry one be stored, in room temperature, fridge, or freezer?

You can refrigerate the live one for a few days if you’re not quite ready to get started.

I believe the dry sourdough starter can be kept at room temperature, the refrigerator, or the freezer. Probably the latter two are better but I’m not sure.

Muchas gracias.

I just wish to add… When you feed it for the first time do not be in a hurry to feed it again until you see activity! If quiet then wait. Feeding a quiet starter more to ‘wake it up’ has the opposite effect. If it bubbles up in the time given in the instructions then by all means go onto the next feed. If not, then leave it till it does bubble up. And so on…

I store my dried starter in a small mason jar in the refrigerator. ( I learned long ago that plastic zipper bags are not truly air tight.)