Delays and General Info During Pandemic

Hi Breadtopia! I’m new to the bread world and was routed here both for the blog/forum and the products. Thanks for hosting a great home for us bakers!

I noticed during my order last week (March 25) that flour would be hard to come by, so I instead just ordered the other accessories needed in bread-making and turned elsewhere for flour. However, it seems like you are also experiencing delays for non-flour items. I was sorta hoping for an update / shipping estimate, but since I’m likely not the only one curious about this I’m wondering if it’d be more helpful to place a general disclaimer on the front of your website/store.

Anyhow, good luck getting through this (hopefully) unique experience, and may this weird time bring you many new customers for years to come!

Thank you, Robert.

Every store, product, cart, and checkout page on our site has this banner across the top:

If you click the more info link, it takes you to this page:

We are working super-hard to get back to back to caught up and our normal 1 business day turn-around. Unfortunately, in addition to about 5X our normal order volume, we are also being slowed down a bit by the additional health precautions we are taking in our packing and shipping areas to try to not only get your order to you as quickly as we can, but also as safely as we can.

Additionally, we are hoping to be ready to gradually resume grain and flour sales again in the coming couple weeks.

Thanks again.

Somehow I missed that :blush: Glad you guys were on top of it! Good luck!

I completely understand your situation; however, I placed an 15 days ago, my credit card was charged. When I check the status of the order, it still processing. Should I be concerned that there is something wrong with the order beyond the 4 to 5 days delay that you are experiencing.

Hi Shawn,

Your order should have shipped already. I’ll make sure it does tomorrow. Very sorry about that.


I understand that things continue to be crazy busy in the bread and flour world, but can you provide a quick update on Breadtopia’s store situation? Any rough estimates when equipment/tools will be available again (whisks, bannetons, etc.) - it seems like most of the store is sold out. Not to mention flour - but I assume that has more to do with manpower? Good problems to have, I guess, as a business owner. :slight_smile: Thank you, I appreciate what you are doing!

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We just sent out a brief email update. If you aren’t on our mailing list you can read it here: