Dehydrated Sourdough Starter

I dehydrated some starter and am wondering if I must keep it in the freezer (as per the instructions on this site)? It’s nice and dry and seems like it would be all right to keep it in a mason jar in the pantry - but, I have no experience with this (yet!). Has anyone else stored their dried starter like this???

Dried Sour dough starter works fine (dry) You only need to restart it for a few days before you use it. I have also used sourdough from Carl Griffiths - 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough [email protected] - send a self addressed envelope and they will send you a bit of dried 1847 sourdough along with instructions on how to revitalize it. Instructions on the website.

so i dried my sd starter about 2 years ago. I keep it in a cloth napkin on a shelf in my cupboard. No jar, no nothing but a rubber band to keep the napking bunched together.

Hi maskwoman :slight_smile:
Long time sourdough baker here. I live in a dry climate and let my sourdough flakes dry, spread very thinly on a Silpat baking mat at room temperature. Then I seal them in vacuum sealed packets and keep them in the bottom of the freezer. I only cook in the cooler months, so I bring out a packet every year and bring it back to life. Due to some busy life circumstances, i had only a few 7 year old packets left. Even after vacuum sealing and freezing, it took 3 days for it to truly prove it was going to work. Younger packets would’ve only taken a day or two. So I’ve been sure to make some new dehydrated flakes every couple years to make sure. If I had kept it at room temperature, I may not have been able to revive the old packet. Just some information to chew on :smile:

I dried mine and kept some in a mason jar in the pantry and some in the freezer. Both were fine when I re-hydrated 2 years later and it’s still going strong. I now have a vacuum sealer so if I need to do it again, I’ll vacuum seal it in a bag or a mason jar.