Dan Leader's Baguette au Charbon Vegetal

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My latest bread baking adventure is pumpkin sour dough with toasted pecans. Found this on the line and changed it up a bit. Really yummy if you like pumpkin. Especially good toasted with fig butter.

Wow- what a gorgeous/ exotic looking baguette! I look forward to getting the latest news/ recipes from breadtopia, and am gradually becoming more adventurous. Right now the 3 day Poilane sourdough is my weekly go-to bread for every day. Lovely flavour and texture in the 24 hour refrigerated slow fermentation. i sometimes divide the basic recipe into two, baking one in the emile Henri cloche and the other in my cast iron dutch oven (using Eric’s tip to place a cookie sheet under the cast iron has helped prevent the crust from getting too hard.) And everything turns out better since I started milling my own berries with the Mockmill 200. My partner jokes that while my friends all cut back on carbs, I purchased my own mill! Freshly milled flour for sourdough waffles every Sunday morning, for pizza, for all our bread… Pumpkin sourdough with toasted pecans - wow, Denise, sounds incredible!

It sounds like you’re enjoying a good range of baking! I need to try the Poilane loaf someday soon. Plenty of my loaves (and definitely pizza) extend into the 3-day range, but I’ve never done that exact dough build.