Crust lovers cloche results

(singewholegrain) #1

Really impressed with my first loaf in this vessel. Typical Country loaf 25% whole grain wheat and rye.

(Leah) #2

That’s beautiful!


(Gary) #3

Very nice.
What was the starting weight of the loaf?

(singewholegrain) #4

Thanks. 400g Turkey Red (sifted twice to achieve ~ 70% extraction), 150g Yecora Rojo, 50g Dark Northern Rye. ~88% hydration. 15% leaven. So it weighed between 1kg and 1.1kg.

(singewholegrain) #5

Thank you for the compliment. :v:

(Arlo48) #6

Absolutely beautiful. Any chance you have a shot of the crumb? I’d love to see it.

(singewholegrain) #7

(susanmcc99) #8

Question: why do you describe this as 25% whole grain? Aren’t all the flours you used whole grain?

(singewholegrain) #9

75% of the flour was sifted twice to remove a lot of the bran. I didn’t want to use straight bread flour. So, the resulting flour after the sifting, resembled a high-extraction bread flour. Almost whole grain, but like I said, 75% sifted twice. The other 25%, untouched. Hope this answers your question.

(Arlo48) #10

Thanks for posting. That’s a beautiful open crumb. I’m impressed!

(susanmcc99) #11

Thanks for the clarification. Also - gorgeous loaf and crumb.