Cranberry pecan bread! YUM!

(Leah) #1

Today I baked my very first sourdough cranberry pecan bread. Thank you, Eric! Oh, this is SO yummy and is definitely going to be in my permanent “must bake” bread rotation! Next time I may even substitute orange juice for some of the water to make it a cranberry orange pecan bread! WOW! There be tasty bread here! cranberry%20pecan%20bread


(harlantk) #2

That looks delicious Leah.
You tempt me with idea’s! I have a bunch of cranberries here, mom LOVES!! cranberries, … oh the shame of this thought!
Nice loaf Leah!


(MTJohn) #3

I think you will be very happy with the addition of orange. My suggestion would be to select a plump navel orange, zest it and then squeeze it. Add water to the juice to get the amount of liquid required for the recipe and then stir in the zest.

(Leah) #4

@MTJohn, Yum. That sounds good! I honestly was just going to add some orange juice for simplicity, LOL!

(MTJohn) #5

I have done that, too, and it works. The advantage of using juice is that you can experiment with relative quantities of juice and water.

A variation on that recipe that also works is to substitute dried blueberries for the craisins and zest and juice a large lemon.

(Leah) #6

Lemon blueberry!!! I never thought of that! Oh, the possibilities of so many tasty variations of a single recipe! Cranberry pecan! Cranberry orange pecan! Cranberry walnut! Now lemon blueberry!

This is going to be fun…and tasty! I’d better go feed my sourdough, Cyril. He’s going to be busy soon! And I may need to double my next flour order too. I have a funny feeling merely buying 10# of bread flour at a time may not be enough, LOL! After all, it’s Autumn. Soon my bread baking is going to be kicking into high gear! Holidays!

It’s a good thing I have a separate stand-alone freezer. I laughingly have been calling it my meat locker as that’s where I’ve kept it all. Since March 2018 I’ve been adding bags of whole grain wheat and rye to mill for bread. My meat locker is also my bread basket! And what’s in my refrigerator? I keep a 10-pound bag of bread flour in my fridge and a 1.5 quart jar of Cyril. Somewhere in there are my other groceries, LOL!

Let there be bread!

(Leah) #7

Hi Bakers! Today I indeed made a cranberry ORANGE pecan sourdough bread! I can’t wait to cut into it. I substituted some orange juice for some of the water. A third of the fluid was orange juice (4 ounces) and the rest of the fluid was pure spring water (8 ounces). I haven’t tasted this yet so I don’t know yet if I’ll increase the orange juice/water ratio to 50%-50%. You could smell a hint of orange in the dough before baking and see a very slight orange tint to the color of the bread afterwards. Taste will tell if I want to increase the amount of orange juice. Off the top I’m thinking I probably will. I didn’t have any fresh oranges in the house or I would have added orange zest. We have orange trees in our backyard so in December I’ll have fresh ripe oranges to pull off my tree to juice and zest for more bakes of this bread.

Happy baking y’all!