Coconut Masala Chai Sourdough (Spice Tea Bread)

(Melissa) #1

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(wendyk320) #2

This sounds fascinating and delicious! Since your impulse is to add chocolate, I’m guessing that this bread tends toward the sweet rather than savory side?

(Leah) #3

@Fermentada, this bread sounds amazing! I may have to give it a try soon!


(charlesvk) #4

Oh wow! Your imagination knows no limits Melissa! :smiley: Sharing your love for Indian foodstuff, this sounds like something I have to try!

(Melissa) #5

The bread is hint-o-sweet. My daughter requested more sugar/honey each time I made it, but I preferred it as it was, a tiny bit sweet. I think I even made my son a turkey sandwich with it once, though pb&j would have been better probably :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’d love to hear what you think, how you modify etc.

Thank you! Yes, I love Indian food and spice combinations :heart_eyes: I hope you enjoy the bread of you make it.

(Leah) #6

I do have a couple questions. What type of tea should be brewed? I do have Tazo Organic Chai black tea bags. Would they be a good choice? Or should I stick to basic English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast? BTW, it’ll be quite some time before I try baking this. Dietary restrictions for a while.


(Melissa) #7

Chai black tea will probably have some cinnamon and ginger action of its own, but I don’t think it will be overwhelming in combination with the ground spices in the recipe. Sorry to hear about your bread haitus.

(Leah) #8

Bread hiatus for a short while, less than 4 weeks, just needed for a bit. I’ll have to keep feeding Cyril to keep him healthy even though I won’t be baking for myself. I might make a large batch of sourdough pancakes for my friend’s daughter during the time I’m not baking bread for myself. Of course, I still will have to bake bread for my husband. I may end up baking for friends who have requested breads from me so I can use Cyril and not lose Cyril. I just won’t be personally indulging in his goodness until the end of January. I’m rambling…Happy New Year, Melissa!


(cliff swanson) #9

I made this bread about a month ago and it has been on the heavy request list from my wife and granddaughters ever since. I’m giving it another go to pair with an Indian cuisine dinner with some friends. I didn’t deviate much from the recipe other than to shape and proof after, rather than before, the overnight cold bulk ferment. That’s my usual means of working within the time constraints of other commitments. It came out great and I’m looking forward to having it again.

(Melissa) #10

That’s wonderful to hear. So glad you and your family are enjoying the recipe!