"Cloche Bread Baker" & "Cloche Clay Baker" - What is the Difference?

Any thoughts on the functional difference between Cloche Bread Baker and [Cloche Clay Baker] (https://breadtopia.com/store/oblong-cloche/) ?

Am aware that the materials are different. As is the cost with the latter costing $11 more. :slight_smile:

I have two Superstone/Sassafras bakers (similar to the above but have handles that I am meh about) and trying to duplicate their functionality: preheat base and lid to 460F in a convection and then put cold retarded dough somewhere between 32 and 40F into the baker and then cover. Am hoping/expecting to go 550F sometime in the nearish future.

I use parchment paper and don’t clean.

So any thoughts on the functional difference between the two bakers? Will both work in the above scenario?

Thanks. Moving up to three loaves at a time and perhaps six. :crazy_face:

I have the Breadtopia covered clay baker (among many), and have several times done what you’ve described with nary a problem.

@twmoore3rd and @lshafer1, I have only one covered clay baker, the Breadtopia “country loaf” size, which I use exclusively for all my breads. I also use parchment paper inside it and I don’t clean the baker either. I love it and it works great for me. I preheat the clay baker in my oven and transfer my dough into it using the parchment paper which is then left under the dough in the baker. My doughs are room temperature when I transfer them into the clay baker to bake so I admittedly don’t have any experience with placing refrigerated into a preheated baker. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Breadtopia baker I use. I love it.