Cast iron Oblong loaf baker search

I used to use a South African loaf baker designed to go in an open fire. It made such great loves and was very forgiving with my lack of experience. I can’t find one to buy online in the states! (I want something oblong with high sides that’s made out of cast iron.) anyone know where?

Karla, that is a very cool baker!

I found a pair of Lodge Cast Iron Bread Pans for sale on Amazon (I hope the photo is attached). I wonder if you inverted one over the other as a cover if you would get similar results? It’s not exactly the same, but might be worth a try.

Here’s a link to the item on Amazon:


Very cool! I tried to stack two aluminum loaf pans and it didn’t work because the steam made the top pan slide sideways. With the weight of the cast iron, this just might work!

Thanks guys! might be a hot circus in the oven :laughing: but I love the ingenuity!

ferment forever!

I have one of the Lodge cast iron pans. I have used a USA brand aluminum pan as a lid and it worked well for me. The USA pans (you can see them in Breadtopia store or Amazon or KAF) are heavier than many aluminum pans. I’m guessing you could also put something on top of the aluminum pan to hold it steady if that is a a problem.

I had never heard of cast iron loaf pans and am really pleased to know they exist! I bet something metal could be slipped through the handle openings of the two stacked pans to make sure the lid stays in place.

easummers, would you mind posting a photo of the setup you describe? I’m having a hard time picturing it!

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Here you go :slight_smile: I probably should have said the USA pan upside down on top of the cast iron pan…

And I think on @Fermentada post for the Einkorn bread, she shows how to make a foil bread pan by molding foil around a bread pan and then using that for a lid.

guys this pan (the one I attached) was so forgiving - I used to throw ingredients in the stand mixer, do a bulk ferment and then just basically grab and sort of throw, almost pour… a very wet dough into a VERY hot cast iron pan (skipping the second proof and shaping!) I did oil the baker, but the bread came out with a lovely crust and crumb and never stuck in the pan! shows it as a Ketla Bread Pot. But the company says it only ships within SA. Campmaster also makes a bread pot available only in SA. I did find one pot listed on Amazon, but the manufacturer in SA is in “business rescue”, so it is no longer available. Do you know anyone who lives in SA that could purchase and then ship to you?

They make them and will export to USA

I have the Challenger Breadware pan by Jim Challenger. It is the best bread pan I own and was designed by a bread baker for bread bakers! It works with batards and boules and even demi baguettes. I use about 785 grams of bread dough per loaf. The lid has two sets of handles for easy removal and replacement and it is designed to trap steam. The base is low sided for easy loading and unloading of dough. I love it. Check it out at @challengerbreadware on Instagram.

wow!!! You did a LOT of research! I think you could probably buy these in a number of brick and mortar stores in South Africa, but the weight is prohibitive to ship, I might convince my mother-in-law to bring one next time she visits but it will be a BIG ask!!! Thanks so much - Aloha, karla

This looks really good thanks! I’ll check it out. :slight_smile: It doesn’t the “cheat” advantage of the high sides that I was enjoying (I didn’t have to shape the dough!) but maybe I need to grow up in my baking :wink: Aloha! Karla

FWIW, the URL is wrong in that the domain is preceded by 4 w’s rather than 3 w’s. should work quite nicely. :slight_smile: