Calculating Hydration

Can someone help please. This is not a recipe just threw in some numbers.


I don’t think hydration is a particularly useful concept in enriched dough. Eggs and oil are wet, but they don’t act like water when cooked…etc. I guess I’m saying I don’t know the answer to your questions but I wouldn’t worry about it. Baker’s Percentages are great though :slight_smile:

ya just curious if the olive oil would be considered in the hydration equation or not.


Fats, Eggs etc are not part of the hydration however they do add to the hydration “feel” of the dough. What I normally do is drop the hydration when adding these things so that I can end up with a dough that feels the same hydration. I guess what i’m trying to say is I do include them in the hydration when working out a receipe but it’s done in such a way that he hydration is actually worked out lower (on the spreadsheet) according to how much i’m adding in.

P.s. if I have a recipe that uses 70% hydration which i’m happy with but i’m just adding 1 tablespoon oil I will often not change anything and just add it in. But I wish to add in some eggs and/or more than 1 tablespoon oil i’ll be thinking about how the dough will feel and if i’ll be able to work it well enough and then i’ll consider dropping the hydration.

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Thanks, so dropping your hydration is a (getting to know your dough affair) nothing concrete as to the amount you drop it. Example your hydration is 70% add two eggs then drop to 68 % or 62 %. The more you make, the higher your knowledge is through trial and error.

To give you an idea i’ll do something like this in my head…

1 egg is about 45g (give or take)
Oil I work in tablespoons but it’s about 14g ish

So if you wish to take a recipe which is 70% hydrated (exluding starter) and add eggs or oil (no problem if a recipe has been worked out for you already) then i’ll reduce the water by however many grams i’m estimating is going back in by way of eggs and oil but keep it to one side. Then after adding everything in you can judge if you wish to add in any more water by feel. Better to go low and add in water as one can’t take water out. E.g:

500g flour
350g water
10g salt
100g starter

Now I wish to add in one egg and one tablespoon of oil = about 60g (45g egg + [call it] 15g oil)

so rewritten:

500g flour
290g water (+ 60g)
10g salt
100g starter
1 egg
1 tablespoon oil

Form the dough and see how it feels. If it feels right then fine. If not then slowly add back in that 60g till it does.

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Great explanation, thank you!

Learning more everyday…