Buttermilk or alternative liquid in Sourdough Bread

(Jude) #1

Hi, I love this forum, though mostly, I lurk!
*Coolio: I typed “Buttermilk” and a recipe pops up with a link to buttermilk scone recipe!
My question is, can you use buttermilk as the liquid in sourdough bread? I’ve yet to see a recipe that does. Is it because of the long fermentation times for sourdough? I have used pickle juice when making dill pickle sourdough but I’ve never tried adding dairy.
We enjoyed sourdough pancakes (made with buttermilk) for breakfast this morning and I have quite a bit of buttermilk left that will likely expire before next weekend, so I’m looking for something to do with it.
Just looking for someone’s experience here…if not, I now have a recipe for buttermilk scones!

(Melissa) #2

Here are a few recipes that use milk/yogurt/kefir/buttermilk

This one is for a dough i use for flatbread, babka, and pizza sometimes too. I substitute kefir and yogurt and milk, and if i had buttermilk in stock, i use that too

(mustangmike) #3

If you want to use up your buttermilk and are worried, don’t do a long fermentation. I’ve baked thousands of loaves without long fermentation

and they have turned out fine.

(Robert Blomberg) #4

When hydrating the flour with milk in a soaker, we sometimes use a higher percentage of liquid (about 87.5%) than if we were using water (75%) because of the milk solids and other nonliquid components in the milk.
The comment is from:
Reinhart, Peter. Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads: New Techniques, Extraordinary Flavor