Burger Bun Texture

Hello everybody,

I would like to have your advice, I want to change the crumb texture from the left bun shown in the photo to the right one.

Can you provide a bit more info? Is the left one home made and the right one shop bought and your question is how to tweak your recipe? If so, what’s your recipe?

Hello Abe,

I am producing the buns in my bakery line, the left one is from line, the other one is (Brioche Bun) the one desired by the owner, I changed the recipe of normal bun by adding 1% more sugar and replacing the vegetable fat with butter as I increased fat %, as I added milk. reduced proofing time. but still no change at all in the texture although the taste is almost there.

Hello Zaher

Doesn’t Brioche have egg in the recipe? Have you tried finding a Brioche recipe to work with?

The ideal burger bun in your photo also looks very close to a challah crumb, which also has sugar, fat and egg, so perhaps you can also work with a challah recipe made into buns.

Have a look at the crumb on this challah. Recipe included.

Thank you Abe, I highly appreciate it, will check it and update you later this week :+1:

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Just watched this video. Seems perfect for what you’re looking for.

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