Brie Flower Bread Rolls

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Wow! What a beauty. It almost makes me wanna like Christmas.

Thank you, Melissa

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I don’t think yeast amount for the yeasted version is given?

Oh, thank you for catching that!
It’s 7g or 2 1/4 tsp instant dry yeast.
(I have also used active dry yeast, no problem)

What a very cool idea and so beautiful! All the variations are fun and charming. I’ll bet you got lots of oooohs and aaaaahs when you brought those out. Did you try any with the cheese totally encased in bread dough? Right now is a little too crazy, but I will keep this in mind for a future event where I’m looking for a WOW factor.

Gorgeous, Melissa!! I love cambozola. I’ve not baked it but googled and lots of recipes for baked cambozola with cranberries and pecans … I think I will round up ingredients and make a small flower :slight_smile:

@wendyk320 I haven’t tried it with the cheese totally encased and I thought I’d eaten it every possible way lol. I even did a bolted flour version that I didn’t mention!
I can imagine how cool encased cheese bread would be to cut into. I think I would try some sort of braided bread basket around it…

@easummers I like cambozola, too, and cranberries. That would add a splash of color to the bread flower. Sounds delicious!

Thanks a million for this wonderful recipe. Made the yeast version for a family get together yesterday and it was a smash hit. Looked fantastic, tasted great. Your instructions are perfect.

You’re welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

I made two of these, a brie and camembert. Gave one to my neighbor Christmas Eve decorated with rosemary and candied cranberries

and kept this one for me.

Delicious and so easy to make.

Looks beautiful. Lucky neighbor! Cranberries and brie - yum!

A fantastic recipe, I made it twice already, this morning with sourdough, camembert and nut glaze. A very happy reader.

Gorgeous! I’m glad you’re enjoying the recipe.

I’m curious if in doing the sourdough version, you also saw the benefit of the second milk wash for browning? I was amazed at how different the sourdough version was from the yeast version in this regard, and wonder if you had the same experience. (Even though the issue was repeated several times in my kitchen – much to my family’s eating joy – I still wonder :slight_smile: )

No I was too lazy, I used only one milk wash :rofl:

Well, your rolls look brown, so all good!

Sourdough, works for me. I used cranberries for the glaze.

Those look great! Lovely Maillard reaction, and seeds and berries.