(Courthouserancher) #1

Is the bread proofer gadget going to be better than the bread proofing setting on my oven?

(Eric) #3

I don’t think there would be that much difference.

(camelot) #4

Check the oven temperature after 1 hour on proof setting. Anything above 80F is too high. The advantage of the proof box is that some steam is generated by the water tray thus keeping your dough moist. The box also allows for finer control of proof temperature.

(Oliver) #5

I don’t know if my proofer is better than your oven, but I’d bet big money that it’s a whale of a lot better than your kitchen countertop. I bought myself a proofing box for Christmas, and Boy! Does it work swell!

(Dave) #6

I would imagine the proofer to be the ultimate for the very best results but I’m satisfied with proofing my bread covered with plastic wrap and put inside my little microwave oven.

(John) #7

I use this bread proofer works well every time. The dough is moist and oven ready I put tea towels
on the bottom and top proofs in about an hour.

Yes anybody can purchase from them very good people to deal with.!

PS the lid is not needed place pans on towel and turn pan upside down.!

(trillium) #8

Anyone have experience using the breadlroofer to ferment natto or tempeh?

(Olga) #9

Which proofer did you get?

(camelot) #10

The one sold by breadtopia.

(RonKhare) #11

For those who are interested, our store has some of the options mentioned in this thread. I think the bread proofer Olga is referring to is this one.

(daulan) #12

How much time and what temp do you use with your electric proofer?