Bread Texture?

After making a number of loaves… I still cannot tell if the bread texture itself is right. It always feels somewhat moist or dare I say ‘clammy’? When eaten it taste fine but is ‘spongy’… is that right?!

It somewhat depends on what type of flour. For example, Einkorn will have a softer, moister crumb usually.

So, let us know what type of bread you are baking, i.e. what flours, approx. hydration, bake temp/time and vessel.

That said …. if you cut into high moisture breads too soon, the crumb is likely to be spongey. I typically bake and let the loaf sit from 4-12 hours before cutting depending on flour used. Rye the longest time, whole grains also, all white you can get away with “fully cool” usually.