Bread sticking to clay baker

(smwenk) #1

I’ve been having good luck baking sourdough in my Breadtopia clay baker, but occasionally the middle of the bottom sticks and I have to kind of tear the loaf out. I pre-heat the baker, not always for a full hour - could that make a difference? I don’t want to put oil in it if I’m pre-heating, I assume that will cause a lot of smoke. Any suggestions?

(gwage) #2

You should try lining the baker with parchment paper.

(smwenk) #3

I’m afraid that will affect the crust - is that an issue?

(Jonathan Mandel) #4

Dust the bottom of your loaf with wheat bran or cornmeal. I use wheat bran and it never sticks.

(smwenk) #5

I’ll try that, thank you.

(gwage) #6

It will not affect the crust at all.

(smwenk) #7