Bread has a bitter after taste..any suggestions

My bread looks good and it has good crumb. It tastes good but leaves a little bitter after taste. I use KA bread flour and KA salt and Purified water.

A bit more info on recipe and method please. If you’re using sourdough starter then include maintenance + prep.

well its a no knead artisian recipe. 2 cups wheat flour (I grind my own wheat), 2 cups king Arthur bread flour, salt (bread salt) and purified water and 1/4 cup starter. I mix, stretch and coil at 15 min. intervals, leave overnight in a oven with light on and its covered, then do more coils. Put it in my proofer for 70 to 90 minutes. heat oven to 450 with my dutch oven and lid , pull out put dough in hot pan, score , replace lid and cook for 17 min, remove lid 17 more min.
My strter is made with white bread flour and purified water and salt. I add 1 cup flour to 1/2 water when I feed. I take out of frig feed then let it sit for 6-8 hours then make my dough using 1/4 cup of the starter.
Let me know if you need any other info. Im new so not sure what all you wanted

At about 480-500g flour + 1/4 cup starter which is about 55-60g you have about just over 10% starter in your dough. Oven light on is great to get the yeasts working hard and overnight can be over fermenting the dough. How long is overnight? If its longer than 6-8 hours then you might wish to cut back on the starter % or time or temperature. Is the bread coming out somewhat flat with a thick crust? Does it brown nicely in the oven?

Also look at your grains. How do you store them? How long have you had them? Have they gone rancid?

Thank you. I bet I am over fermenting. I didn’t know there was such a thing. I will not do that again and I bet after I feed a few times and toss some it will calm down. My grains are fresh…I bake whole wheat bread a lot and use fresh grains. I don’t think its that at all.
Thank you so much and I will try this and let yall know.

It looks pretty good. hope you can see the pic. not sure I did it right

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Actually it looks grand and from the outside there are no signs of over fermenting.

Perhaps its just the taste of the grain itself. You can test this by trying a different grain.

Also try different recipes but use the same flour. Perhaps this recipe and method is bringing out that flavour.

You’ll need a bit of trial and error to find out what you need to tweak. But great looking loaf!

wow thank you so much. I bought some rye and spelt and I am going to try some soon.
THanks again for your help/

Spelt and Rye go very well together indeed. But if its your first time using either then I suggest keeping it simple for now and getting a feel for each flour first. There is a lovely spelt sourdough recipe here on breadtopia also some lovely rye recipes of which this one is popular. And then there is for many lovely rye recipes.


Thank you. I need more bread flour…only have about 30 lbs now With everyone hoarding supplies and food I need to stock up. Thank you for your kind advice I will certainly look at those recipes.