Bread Board cleaning

(boonie7328) #1

Just bought a new breadboard and wondering how to clean. Working with wet doughs leaves a dried four residue I scrape with my bench knife, but some still remains. I’m hesitant to use soap on it or even plain water. Any suggestions?

(dorislns) #2

I would scrape off as much as possible then wipe it down with warm water until completely clean. Let dry overnight and give it a good rub with food grade Beeswax. You may have to do it a few times until enough of a coat remains. Polish it down to a smooth surface.
Good luck

(boonie7328) #3

That’s what I’ve been doing. I also stopped using it for wetter doughs. Also I live in Tucson, so with the dryness here I think it took longer to get it properly conditioned.
Thanks again for replying.

(wallyclay) #4

I also use a lot of wet dough on my board. I have found best way is to scrape off all dried flour and dough, then I just spray some warm water on the board and just rub it around with my hand. Let it sit for a few minutes to absorb everything and then scrape the board off into a paper towel while it is still wet. This gets most of the stuck on flour. Then scrape and wipe with dry towel and let the board air dry.

(boonie7328) #5

Thanks Wallyclay I’ll keep that in mind. Right now I find a wet countertop to work well.
Thanks for the tip