Borrowed banneton

I made a loaf while visiting my mom and she has a banneton. It was my first time using one and I loved the design it left of my loaf. Overall I was really happy with this exterior. I need a little more practice with shaping, but it tasted great and that’s important!


Looks beautiful. I think the shaping looks great but you have scored it like it is oval but it is round.

You can score however you please and what makes you happy. There is no score law :slight_smile: It is a pretty loaf in my eyes.

Still learning to score and used a steak knife to do this. Looking forward to improving my scoring skills.

Thanks! I appreciate it. Scoring is definitely an area to play around with. I’ve seen some really beautiful designs, excited to get better with practice. I just remind myself the most important thing is how it tastes and this loaf was delightful.

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