Bolted Rye Flour

(Douglas) #1

To use this in other formula would you consider this light rye or medium rye flour? I have been using it as a substitute for medium but have never actually purchased any commercial medium rye flour for comparison. I am interested in what others think.

(doughinyuma) #2

do you know if commercial dark rye flour requires more water than Medium rye?

(Douglas) #3

Dark rye has a higher protein and ash content similar to high extraction wheat fours. Think almost whole wheat. Rye, however, is not wheat when it comes to making bread. If you are making a majority wheat formulated bread then I would add a little more water compared to ‘medium rye.’ If rye is the majority of the grain or even 100% rye then the hydration levels would be in the plus 80% either way. Not sure I have come across a high percent Dark Rye other then pumpernickel. Sorry at this stage I am more on a learning curve which is why I want to know the position of this flour, which I like but want to expand into other rye bread techniques and recipes. Hope this helps.

(doughinyuma) #4

Thank Doug