Best way to get flour out of 50 lb bags

Good afternoon! I’ve been using your Hi Gluten bread flour to bake for myself and several other families, from bread flour and the whole grains that I buy from Breadtopia or get from a local farmer and mill fresh with my Mockmill. But every time I get a 50 lb bag of flour (and THANK YOU THANK YOU, Breadtopia, for using SPEEDY DELIVERY to deliver to ND!! They are The Best! I even gave the driver a loaf of hot bread from the oven once when he carried my heavy 50 lb order into the house. But I digress…) I wonder if there is a proper way to get half the flour out of the 50 lb bag into my storage container. I then store the other half, double-bagged, in the deep freeze.
My back is sore after digging and planting 15 lb of seed potatoes, and I’d like to lift the bag as little as possible. It doesn’t look like this bag is stitched shut. But there is a heavy paper “tube” at one end. Is there a procedure for efficiently decanting flour out of this sort of bag?

Thanks for the business! What we do at home is store 50# of flour in two 5 gallon food grade buckets. A 5 gallon bucket will hold around 28# of HP flour so there’s plenty of room. This prevents bug contamination, moisture contamination and oxidation. Also, you wouldn’t be using up valuable freezer space.

I’m fine with how I store my flour, it’s getting the flour out of the 50 pound bag, with no stitching, that I don’t know how to do. Is there a way to turn one end into a nice pouring spout, for example?

I haven’t opened my first 50 lbs sack of bread flour yet, so I was excited to see you ask this question. So far my plan is to do what I do with the big bag of dog food I buy: get it onto a chair, position a bucket next to the chair, cut a triangle corner at the top of the bag, and tilt to pour.

If you have the space, get a bin that will fit the 50 lb of flour, put the bag on top of the bin, get your arm in the bin under the bag with a knife and slice the bag. Don’t try this with a container that won’t hold all the flour. Learned that the hard way.


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Got my buckets today :tada:… here’s my pouring setup

@dave_r Your method sounds more fun, but my bag was bigger than the bucket. Thanks for the tip.

Yours is a better solution. Use what you have, including your brain! :grinning: