Beer bread

(Brewcat) #1

Haven’t been baking bread long but finally got this beer bread recipe almost down . Sponge 300g artisan bread flour 12oz barrel aged Porter. Mix that up and let it sit for 20 minutes or so. Add 6 spoons of rye starter and some barm ( beer yeast slurry) if your a brewer. About 8oz total. Stir it up once and awhile and leave it on the counter a few hours then l leave it in the fridge overnight. Next morning let it warm up and add 2tsp salt 2tsp caraway seeds and another 300grams flour.( I added 40g whole wheat 20g malt flour 240g bread flour) stir it up may need couple more ounces of water. Kneed it a bit put it back in the fridge and go to work. Come home warm it on the counter kneed a bit more and put it in your proofing vessel. I left it in the fridge overnight because I ran out of time. Baked it the next morning. 500f on a stone with steam for 15 min then 35 min at 410. Brought the loaves to a party and served it with smoke Gouda and some home brewed dopplebock. The Polish woman who’s party it was took me aside and said in Poland bread is very important and this is good bread. I took it as high praise. It wasn’t perfect in my eye but thought I’d throw it out there for you guys to critique