April 21 bake with sprouted wheat

(davey1025) #1

I am enjoying this sourdough multi grain bread, this time with 10% sprouted wheat

batard_1 Boule_1 ear_1

(Benny) #2


(kmollyone234) #3

Such beautiful loaves! What was the combination of flours (multigrain) that you used?

(davey1025) #4

70% Bread, 10%whole wheat, 10%rye and 10% sprouted
75% hydration


(kmollyone234) #5

Thanks davey1025.

I’ve been trying to please stubborn family members who can’t tolerate even the faintest taste of bitterness by using 60% WW, 30% Bread and making an overnight soaker out of the WW, using milk as liquid. It does tame the WW edge but I sure don’t get that beautiful oven spring. I just bought some white hard whole wheat from Breadtopia and I think I’ll try your mix with it!

(davey1025) #6

I shall wait for the photos! Happy Shaping!