April 14 Bake 24 hour multi grain

(davey1025) #1

These breads had bread, whole wheat, dark rye and spealt flours and a 24 CF.

The boule was bakes in a Dutch oven and the batard on steel, does the Dutch oven make that much different in heat and stream as to get the better bloom and ear?

(Melissa) #2

Beautiful breads both!

Yes, for me the enclosed vessels make a big difference in bloom and ear in a home oven. I can swing a decent eared baguette in the open oven, but not so much a boule or batard.

(davey1025) #3

appreciate that reply, the taste of this bread is amazing. For me I like the looks of the bread , lol.

(Thomas) #4

Really gorgeous loaves. Congratulations! What proofing basket did you use for the batard? Can you provide the bakers percentages please? And did you do anything to add steam to the oven when baking on the stone (I haven’t had much luck baking without a Dutch oven)?

(davey1025) #5

I use the standard battenform basket…
Ingredient Bakers’ %
High-protein flour 13
AP flour 57
Whole Wheat flour 10
Whole Rye flour 10
Whole sprouted flour 10
Water 75
Salt 2
Total 177

Ingredient Bakers’ %
High-protein flour 88
Whole Rye flour 12
Water 50
Firm starter 50
Total 200

for steam all I do is throw 4 ice cubes on the bottom of the oven when I first put it in. to be honest I don’t think it works well enough for what I am after. I think the dutch oven will only get me the spring I am after.