AP and Bread flour equivalents

(cgofftn) #1

What types of flour from your store would be good equivalents for grocery store AP and Bread flours?

Thanks for any information you can provide.

Curt Goff

(Leah) #2

@cgofftn, I’m a very satisfied consumer of the flours and whole grains from Breadtopia and not an employee or staff member. However I feel I can answer partially your question. The best equivalent to a grocery store WHITE bread flour (and indeed a much better quality one to grocery store bought bread flour) is the Organic High Protein Bread Flour. It’s fresh ground, unbromated, unenriched, unadulterated. It’s simply the highest quality WHITE bread flour I’ve found. I love it. If you’d like a wonderful bread flour that is more whole grain by having some of the germ and bran still in it but also organic, unbromated, unenriched, etc. then the Organic Select Bread Flour is a wonderful choice. I keep both in my house and because my husband medically can’t eat whole grains I bake his breads exclusively from the Organic High Protein Bread Flour. Depending on my mood and what I’m baking for my own use I may use one type only or a combination of both the bread flours above before adding fresh milled whole grain wheat berries or rye to my dough mixture. I own a Mockmill100 that I purchased from Breadtopia so I get the best bread possible. Since I have never purchased an AP flour from Breadtopia I don’t know what to recommend. My suggestion would be to carefully read through the flour selections available, see what might best serve your needs and buy a small amount to try. I hope I’ve shed some light on your question.


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Thanks, Leah. I appreciate you sharing your experience with the flours you mentioned.

Curt Goff

(Leah) #4

My pleasure! Happy baking!