Amaranth bread recipe

(doughinyuma) #1

Does anyone have a good reliable recipe that includes Amaranth flour? Not a sweet bread, no nuts or fruit?


(MTJohn) #2

I don’t know whether it meets the test of “good and reliable” but I will offer one suggestion. My basic recipe is 75% whole grain flour and 25% white flour @ 75% hydration, with 15% starter and 2% salt. I begin with a 2 hour autolyse, mixing together all of the water and whole grain flour. Then, I stir in the starter and then the white flour and salt.

Typically, I use a blend of whole grain flours - it often varies a bit from one loaf to the next. It usually is 25% Kamut, 25% organic whole wheat and 10% spelt. The other 15% might be a mix of oat flour, barley flour, millet flour, amaranth flour, garbanzo flour or teff.