Alternative to butter, eggs and milk in enriched dough

Hi everyone, I have just joined up with Breadtopia. I am a professional Pastry Chef, and I have my own business called Fika Swedish Coffee Break. Established in 2009. I attend the summer markets where I live and sell my goods there. In the winter time when there are no markets, I have a mobile coffee caravan, where I sell coffee and cinnamon buns. I have been a Vegetarian for 14 yrs and have just recently transitioned to being a Vegan, so I am interested in making Vegan Cinnamon Buns. The buns are made from an enriched dough, so hence the butter, milk and eggs have to be replaced with something else. Does anyone have any ideas.

I did some vegan baking last April for a party with a vegan guest. So, really I have minimal experience apart from googling :slight_smile: I ended up using almond milk as a substitute for cow’s milk, and Earth’s Balance Spread for butter. For a caramel sauce that I made three times before getting right-ish, I use the fat/solids from a can of coconut milk. I’ve seen people make gorgeous vegan baked goods – maybe check out this baker and the other ones he mentions for more info/ideas. Also the post before this one I link to is about aquafaba, an egg white substitute made from chickpea run-off.


I wish I could visit your mobile coffee caravan–sounds amazing.

I do a lot of baking without eggs/dairy/animal products. The only caveat is that it’s also gluten-free baking (shout out to Breadtopia’s GF bread flour mix).

Just the other day I made some sumptuous cinnamon rolls that called for 1 egg, which I replaced using applesauce. I try to look at what role the egg is supposed to play. In a brioche, for instance, if you think you can get all the rise you need from the yeast, I would add fat to make up for the egg yolks, rather than an egg replacer that would aid in rise.

For the butter, I try to figure out the ratio of saturated fat I need (and replace using coconut oil or palm oil, though I try to avoid the latter), then the remaining fat (using oil like grapeseed) and a small bit of water. Butter is about 70% saturated fat, 10% unsaturated, and 20% water.

I do a lot of trial and error and try to begin with recipes that use fewer eggs (lots of cinnamon roll recipes take 3-4 eggs so I found one that took 1) and add on from there.

Hope this helps a little and good luck with your incredible endeavor!

This is awesome info, thanks for sharing it. It’s helpful for any baking e.g. when I needed more milk than leftover whey to hydrate the same amount of flour…something to do with the solids in milk (protein, fat), i think.

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