Almond flour sourdough bread

Hi everyone! I need help. I want to bake a regular sourdough bread and want to incorporate almond flour. Does anyone have an idea at what ratio I can achieve this? Thanks.

I’ve never used almond flour in a sourdough bread, but 20-25% of the total flour weight of something that has no gluten is a low-risk amount imo e.g. my flaxseed sourdough recipe.

Thanks, Melissa. I am going to give it a try and report back, maybe with a picture. Wish me luck!

Almond is going to be quite oily so go for a lean sourdough without adding any extra oil. My local bakery does a lovely honey, walnut and almond sourdough. On the ingredients list it doesn’t give the exact quantities but from what I can make out of it is the honey, walnuts and almonds are each 6% in bakers percentages. So for every 100g of flour there will be 6g for each of the add-ins. The rest is bread flour, water and salt.

Thanks Abe. I always bake a lean bread. My husband is diabetic, so I usually go for no added sugar and fat. Thanks also for the percentages. I already made up a recipe, and if it works, I will post it. So nice to have fellow bakers to help out. Much appreciated! :smiley:

Good luck! I look forward to hearing about the results.

I am back to report on my experiment. I used 100 grams of almond flour with spelt and all purpose. I also added chopped almonds. The dough was very soft. It fermented overnight and I baked on a baking stone. The crumb was softer than usual, and the crust also seemed softer to me. The flavour was really good. Even my hubby liked it. Overall I think it was a success. I will post a picture below.

Looks good - I bet it tasted great too. How much almond flour did you end up using?

Here is my recipe:

200 g all purpose flour

200 g sprouted spelt flour

100 g almond flour

150 g sourdough starter, refreshed with sprouted spelt flour

300 g water

7 g salt

30 g chopped almonds

I have to add that the bread kept very well. More than a week.

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