Ahh, the sweet smell of success!

OK, so I broke all the rules from sourdough mavens, teachers and taboo artists but it worked. Because my sourdough in a breadmaker kept collapsing before baking, I used rapid rise yeast and shortened the bake cycle to 2-hour rapid bake instead of 4-hour basic bake. Came out great, maybe needs a darker crust than medium but good rise, great taste and good crumb.

As with bread baking it’s what works that counts. At the end of the day you want a nice risen loaf with good texture and flavour. Looks like you have all three. Enjoy!

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@jensholg I have to totally agree with @Abe. When it’s all said and done (or in our case, BAKED, :laughing:) it’s modifying your recipe and technique so that it works for you, the equipment you’re using to bake with and the final result! It looks like you’ve got a winner there.

Baking blessings!

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