Adding additional water after autolyse

I have been making great bread of late but have a question regarding the French process of slowly adding a percentage of the total water after autolyse (40-60 minutes with starter) during the first few turns. I have been adding the salt after all but a small amount of water is left. Does anyone else do this? Does it make a difference versus adding all the water before the autolyse. I find that after autolyse my dough is already stiff/spongy and it is hard to incorporate the extra water into the dough without really breaking up the spongy dough with my fingers. I can’t complain about the outcome but was wondering if it was worth the additional effort…

I really dislike trying to add water (and starter) to a dryish flour mix. The first sourdough recipe I worked with had that procedure and I did it … but now, mostly, I mix everything at once, let it sit for an hour or so, do some stretch and folds, rest another hour and then do most of the bulk in the refrigerator. I like my results.

All of that said, the only way you will know for you is to try a different method :slight_smile: in your conditions and see what you think. It seems like there are as many techniques as there are bakers and even among the “pros” there are variations in method.