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(Stuart) #2

Hi Eric,
I received the shipment of Durum wheat berries that you got back in stock, thanks for that since they are hard to find elsewhere and also for the quick service. When I get grain it is repackaged in quart mason jars which I’ve found to be conveniently sized. Normally the jars are just filled and stored but this time each one was weighed out of curiosity. I found that 750g or 1.65 pounds would fit, that much or a little more was put in each one. I calculated that it would take 12 jars to hold the 20 pounds. To my surprise and pleasure it took 13 quart jars plus a pint to accommodate the grain sent, that came to 10075g or 22.2 pounds, 11% over the package weight.
Breadtopia’s value for goods received has always been excellent, but I can think of no other endorsement that would illustrate it better. Thanks for being there for the baking community.
Stu Perkins

(Eric) #3

I think we need to recalibrate our scale :wink:

(Stuart) #4

I thought that might be the case. Just wanted you to know.

(Stuart) #6

I am really taken with White Sonora wheat and would like to leave a review. I can’t figure out how since the button is missing from the discription page. Please help.

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Looks like that was an oversight on our part. Fixed now. Review away!

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Found Breadtopia two months ago and have been baking bread since.Ive triedt many different breads and have had good success following Eric’s tutorage.Tried my first couronne today crust was excellent crumb was excellent as was taste the only problem was that the crown never separated from the balls.Dough was very sticky

(Lawrence Miller) #10

Just received two rattan proofing baskets with liners. Two different sizes. Very well satisfied with the quality, and as usual service was prompt. Keep up the good work!

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