85% Whole Spelt Sourdough

We love spelt, and I make Eric’s 100% whole spelt sourdough recipe pretty regularly. Decided to mix things up this time and used roughly 85% whole spelt (Bob’s Red Mill), roughly 15% bread flour, and upped the hydration. There was a smidge of regular whole wheat in the dough from my 100% whole wheat starter. Instead of mixing a quarter cup of starter in with all the water, flour, and salt all at once, I made a levain with a tablespoon or so of starter plus 25 grams each of spelt and bread flour and 50 grams of water, and let that sit overnight. Made the dough the next morning, intending to let it proof at room temp, but it was a warm day and I ended up putting the dough in the fridge for a number of hours. The dough took its sweet time warming up, and by the time it was ready to shape and put in the banneton it was too late – so back into the fridge overnight.

Long story short, start to finish this loaf took about 40 hours, including the levain.

I added more water than the original recipe calls for – hydration was around 72%. It was difficult to handle but as the pictures show, the result was pretty darn good. Nice holey crumb (if I say so myself) for a 85% whole wheat loaf, and it’s very tender. Very delicious, too. :smiley: