47 hour cold fermentation sourdough

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This sourdough recipe was fun to make, it used 2 stiff levain builds and then a 47 hour CF. It was sure worth it.



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Nice. I love those long, cold fermentations. So much interesting flavor develops.

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This had a tang to it. Tasty
Better crumb on this loaf I cut open.

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Those look like great loaves! I’m too impatient… I’ve never let a bulk ferment go over 24 hours before I break down and bake off.

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I agree so I bake these off at 24 hours…… lol

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Love to see that recipe. Never tried such a long cool fermentation. Looks great.

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Thanks, just want to clear something up…although this recipe calls for up to 40 hours or more CF I baked this one after 24 hours. This recipe was posted by DMSnyder,

Total Dough
Ingredient Wt (g) Bakers’ %
High-protein flour 125 11
AP flour 803 69
Whole Wheat flour 138 12
Rye flour 92 8
Water 826 71
Salt 23 2
Total 2007 173

Starter 1st Build
Ingredient Wt (g) Bakers’ %
High-protein flour 18 75
Rye flour 6 25
Water 12 50
Seed starter (liquid) 6 25
Total 42 175

  1. Dissolve starter in water.
  2. Add flours and mix thoroughly.
  3. Ferment at 76ÂşF for 8 hours.
  4. Proceed to 2nd build or refrigerate 1st build overnight and continue the next day.

Starter 2nd Build
Ingredient Wt (g) Bakers’ %
High-protein flour 104 75
Rye flour 35 25
Water 69 50
Starter 1st Build 42 25
Total 250 175

  1. Dissolve starter in water.
  2. Add flours and mix thoroughly.
  3. Ferment at 76ÂşF for 8 hours.
    Note: If not ready to make the Final Dough when this starter build is ripe, the starter can be refrigerated for up to 3 days, until you are ready to proceed.

Final Dough
Ingredient Wt (g)
AP flour 803
Whole Wheat flour 138
Whole Rye flour 50
Water 743
Starter 2nd Build 250
Salt 23
Total 2007

  1. In a large bowl, mix the water and the flours to a shaggy mass.
  2. Cover the bowl and let rest (autolyse) for 1-2 hours.
  3. Sprinkle the salt over the dough and add the starter in chunks.
  4. Mix the dough to incorporate the added salt and starter uniformly.
  5. Transfer to a clean, lightly-oiled bowl and cover.
  6. Ferment until expanded by 75% with stretch and folds at 30, 60 and 110 minutes. (I do the first two S&F’s in the bowl and the third on a lightly floured board.)
  7. Divide the dough as desired and place in floured bannetons or on a couche. Cover.
  8. Proof at room temperature for 1-3 hours, then refrigerate for 8-40 hours (or more?).
  9. If you think the loaves need it, proof at room temperature for additional time before baking.
  10. Transfer to a peel. Score as desired.
  11. Bake: If baking in a Dutch oven, bake at 475ÂşF covered for 30 minutes, then uncovered at 450ÂşF for another 20 minutes or until done to satisfaction.
  12. Bake: If baking on the hearth, pre-heat oven at 500ÂşF for 1 hour with baking stone and steaming apparatus in place. Turn down oven to 460. Load loaf and steam oven. After 15 minutes, remove steam and continue baking for 30-40 minutes, until loaf is baked. (Depends on size and shape of loaf.)
  13. The bread is done when the crust is nicely colored and the loaf sounds hollow when thumped on the bottom. The internal temperature should be at least 205ÂşF.
  14. Transfer the bread to a cooling rack and cool thoroughly before slicing.
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Thanks Davey! You are a patient and dedicated baker.

When I first read 250 g of starter in the final recipe I was worried. Then I re read and realized that this is what I call a leaven. I use it all the time after a bit of “seed” starter and an overnight ferment with double the amount of flour and water. i.e.: 50g seed starter and 100g each of flour and water.

Looks excellent. Where is the original recipe from? I might try spelt instead of whole wheat just because I like the taste of spelt better. What do you think?

Thanks again. I do appreciate your time.


(davey1025) #9

Good morning Susan, the original came from DM Snyder on the Fresh Loaf. Very knowledgeable person.

You can find the recipe here

The taste of this bread with the spelt was delicious… well worth the effort.

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Thanks again! What a production…I gotta be in the mood for that one. Next cold cold day in Toronto. Oops…that would be today