100% Whole Sprouted Red Fife

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I still don’t own a mill, so all my flour is store-bought. Awhile back Whole Foods had a sale on One Degree Organic flours, so I bought a bag of Sprouted Red Fife. I did not bolt the flour; nevertheless I used (more or less) the recipe that Melissa (@Fermentada) provided for an all-Red Fife sprouted, bolted loaf.

I did a bit of mixing by hand in the bowl, but in the end used the technique Eric uses in the video accompanying the 100% Whole Spelt loaf. The technique involves picking the dough up out of the bowl after a rest, stretching it by pulling and then folding it over, rotating the dough a quarter turn and then pulling and folding it again, and then one or two more times. Then back to the bowl, covered with plastic, for another half hour. I did three rounds of these and then let it ferment on the counter overnight. Total bulk fermentation was about 14 hours. After bench rest and shaping, the loaf proofed in a banneton for almost two hours and went into a 475 degree oven – covered for 25 minutes, uncovered for 15, baked in an oblong clay baker purchased from Breadtopia.

Anyway - tldr; the bread is delicious and looks beautiful. My husband said it would win a bread contest. The loaf has a delicious sourdough tang. I can’t express how amazing I find it that I am able to make such good sourdough bread.

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Gorgeous! I agree with your husband - that looks award worthy to me too. Thanks for sharing.

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